3 Post Winter Workout Essentials.

3 Post Winter Workout Essentials with CALIA by Carrie.

Anyone else feel like it can be 100x harder to find the motivation to hit the gym once winter rolls around? The combination of darkness all. the. time. and cold temperatures has me feeling like I’d much rather stay snuggled up in bed than hit my morning workouts which, given all of the indulgence of the holiday season, isn’t ideal!

3 Post Winter Workout Essentials with CALIA by Carrie.

With this lack of motivation can also comes the temptation to cut corners – not necessarily while I’m working out (because hey, you’ve gotta make it count!) but in the prep and post workout routine. Basically, after sweating it out, I want to get a hot coffee in my hand as soon as possible and then hop in a cab and head home. Not good! As a reminder to myself, and hopefully you too, I wanted to run through 3 things you need to do post workout, especially in the winter:

  1. Get Dry & Warm: First things first, get yourself out of those wet, sweaty clothes! To keep yourself from getting sick (and freezing to death), pack an extra pair of clothes in your gym bag to change into after your workout. I’ve been obsessed with this pair of sweats from CALIA because they are so cozy and comfy but also still look cute with a jogger-like fit. Paired with a fresh shirt (CALIA’s long sleeved shirt is a go to because it’s super soft yet really lightweight and breathable so it’s great to throw on when your body is still cooling down), a vest and a cozy scarf, you’re good to go.
  2. Hydrate! When it’s hot and sunny out this tends to feel more natural – cold water is refreshing, you think of it as a way to cool down and things are all good. But when it’s cold outside? Sometimes the last thing you want is a cold drink! Hydrating remains important year-round, especially for anything cardio-related where you’re getting sweaty. A good rule of thumb? One bottle of water before class, one during class, and one after. And stick with it! If water isn’t your thing or if you’re looking for a little extra boost, I love Nuun which is packed full of electrolytes without added sugar (and as a nice little bonus, they have options with caffeine in ’em too!)
  3. Stretch It Out: We tend to feel like we have less time when we have fewer hours of daylight but listen… there’s still the same number of hours in each day! Make sure you don’t skimp on the stretching and dedicate time post-workout to stretching out the muscles you’ve worked. For spin classes, I focus on my hamstrings, gluteus, calves and quads and end with a series of hip openers to prevent my bursitis from flaring up. The time spent stretching is always worth it, I promise.

3 Post Winter Workout Essentials with CALIA by Carrie.Finding the motivation for winter workouts (and the necessary prep & post workout routine) can be tough but you just have to Stay the Path and stick with it! Taking the time for yourself to hit the gym, clear your head and sweat it out is always worth it and in the end, you’ll never regret facing a few minutes out in the cold for it. Oh and if all else fails, some new workout gear always helps ;) Seriously how cute are those CALIA printed tights?!  I miiiiiight have scheduled a SoulCycle class as soon as they arrived just to test ’em out.

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of CALIA.