workout // indoor rock climbing.

I’m on a mission to mix up my fitness routine and wanted to give you the scoop on some of the new workouts I’m trying and would love to hear about some of your favorites as well. Expect the full rundown on my latest sweat-fests with information on what to expect, what to wear and what you might feel like afterward.

Workout // Indoor Rock Climbing.

The Workout: Indoor Climbing (I did mine at Mission Cliffs in SF)

First off, I recently learned that there are two types of climbing: bouldering, which is a side to side climb on a low wall (no harness) and top roping, which is a vertical climb where you have a partner on the ground with your life in their hands (a bit dramatic but seriously,  belaying is a serious task!). I tried my hands at top-roping because I have a super cool climbing friend, Nichole, who got me totally intrigued.

Workout // Indoor Rock Climbing.

What To Expect: Have no idea what you’re doing? No problem. It turns out that climbing gyms are super beginner friendly and have awesome beginner programs and rentals available for harnesses and climbing shoes. For top roping, you’ll need a partner on the ground to get keep the extra rope slack out of your way as you climb and help make sure you’ll be safe in case you slip or fall from the wall.

Expect a serious workout – both in the form of cardio and full body muscle (I was sore in weird places for a few days!). Climbing is both an awesome adrenaline rush and mental challenge as you figure out the puzzle of where to put your hands and feet as you scale the wall. I loved how Mission Cliffs had so many climbing route options of various intensity and skill level – it was really cool to be able to start on an easy climb and progress throughout the morning.

Workout // Indoor Rock Climbing.

What To Wear: You’ll be wearing a harness and climbing shoes so be sure to wear form fitting clothes so that you’ll be easily able to get geared up at the gym. A low-impact sports bra will work just fine since there’s not a lot of bouncing happening and make sure your nails are short before you go to prevent any breaks as you grip. Hand chalk is optional but recommended!

Workout // Indoor Rock Climbing.

Final Verdict: Climbing was so. much. fun. Like way more fun than I had anticipated (I was actually pretty nervous about going because I thought I was going to be absolutely terrible) and definitely something I’ll be trying again in the future. I loved the combination of both a mental and physical workout and it’s even fun to spectate as you watch other climbers scale the routes.

Have you ever tried indoor climbing? Anyone else think it’s pretty much the coolest workout ever?

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