stay the path.

Stay The Path.

When it comes to fitness (well, most things actually), I’m not really a natural. I can remember my first yoga class where I could barely touch my toes and nearly fell over during every single balancing pose. When I first started spinning, I struggled to keep up the entire class and couldn’t stay on beat or follow choreography to save my life. And running? When I randomly signed up for my first half marathon I could barely run a 10 minute mile and had no concept of pacing myself and would always have to take a walking break after mile one because I was exhausted.

One thing that has kept me going is the idea of staying the path. It’s about progress over perfection and focusing on myself instead of those around me. It’s about celebrating the fact that you got out there, not beating yourself over how slow/out of shape/uncoordinated you are. Staying the path has become a little mantra of mine that gives me that little boost that keeps me from giving up or pressing snooze instead of trying a new morning workout.

Stay The Path.

// Photos by Tory Putnam

I recently discovered Carrie Underwood’s studio fitness line, CALIA and it turns out that Carrie and I have a similar philosophy – the brand is all about staying the path. I love that CALIA pushes for you to stick with your individual journey and celebrate the progress over time instead of worrying about how your workout went on any one given day.

Stay The Path.

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I also have been loving the products – they’re the perfect blend of fashion and function that gets me excited about changing into workout clothes and heading to class (cute workout clothes always help, right?!). These printed crops are not only adorable with the floral pattern, but they’re also ultra flattering with just the right amount of compression and a slightly higher waist to keep everything tucked in to prevent you from having to worry about your pants falling down or belly spilling out during a workout. And this tank? It’s perfect with the loose fit, sweat-wicking fabric and slightly longer cut in the back to keep your bum covered. And bonus points for having antimicrobial technology to keep things from getting too stinky so you can confidently head out in public after a hard workout without worrying about how you smell. Ideal.

So the next time you’re feeling down on yourself after workout, try repeating three little words to yourself as a reminder to stick with it: stay the path. Take a moment to think back to your very first workout and appreciate how far you’ve come – celebrate the progress you’ve made and even your efforts to get out there instead of quitting or skipping a workout. Stay the path and I promise you you’ll end up better than you were when you started.

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of CALIA.