hi there!

My name is Cait and I have always been drawn to things that are Pretty & Fun – it might be an amazing letterpress thank you note, or just the right shade of dark purple nail polish.  I’m a sucker for a well planned party & I own more rolls of wrapping paper than I care to admit.  For years I have been bookmarking things found all over the internet that have inspired me – from weddings with a vintage feel to great cupcake recipes, beautiful outfits that are styled just right, and homes with absolutely perfect design – this is where I want to share that all with you.

Expect to see glimpses into my every day life as well as a collection of the things I am drawn to.  This blog is something I have been planning for a very long time now & I am beyond excited to get things started!  Please take a second and leave me a comment to say hi – I can’t wait to meet all of you.